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Morse Academy Version 5.2r, Copyright 01 Dec 97 J. Speroni, AH0A/7J1AAA This program was developed based on ideas from AEA's Morse University Select:  L. Learning menu F. First practice R. Receiving game E. Endurance trials P. Proficiency session ¦The selected sound ¦ ¦generator is the PC's ¦ K. Keyboard session ¦sound chip (use ¦ G. Generate examinations ¦Options menu, Tone ¦ W. Weighting selection ¦submenu, to change the¦ V. View last session ¦selection) ¦ O. Option selections X. Exit Morse Academy is distributed to Radio Amateurs by < KARC, the Kauai Amateur Radio Club (AH6E) > To report problems or suggest changes contact: Joe Speroni, AH0A/7J1AAA; E-mail: Updates available on the Web at Select session from menu by letter Use the F1 key for HELP or F10 to print the screen

Figure 1. Morse Academy Main Menu

Morse Academy is based on Computer Assisted Instruction concepts from AEA's Morse University. The author thanks AEA, a company dedicated to support of amateur radio, for their help and encouragement in developing this program.

Operation is menu driven with a single key selecting the desired session:

(L)earning: Selects characters, and provides a learning mode. (F)irst practice: Sessions to first introduce the code to students. (R)eceiving game: An interactive game to teach the Morse code. (E)ndurance game: An interactive game to increase copying skills. (P)roficiency: Generates actual code tests to improve skills. (K)eyboard: Used to send Morse practice text from disk files. (G)enerate examinations: Creates random tests for practice and testing. (W)eightings: Varies the frequency of occurrence of characters. (V)iew sessions: Displays prior session results. (O)ptions: Options for of tone, screen colors, etc. e(X)it: Proper way to terminate and SAVE CHANGED OPTIONS.

The ESC key serves as a STOP RUN key. Push it to return from a sub-session to a session, and again to the main menu. The ALT key is a European shift key, shown on the last of the screen of some menus as an UP-ARROW.

The F1 key can be used AT ANY TIME to display HELP. F10 prints the screen. A short help prompt is ALWAYS shown at the bottom of screens.

Morse Academy will support multiple students, and remember option settings for each. Separate OPTIONS and LOG files are maintained for each student. The student name is typed on the command line when executing MA:

                MA      student_name

The student name can contain lower or upper case alphabetic characters and spaces. Lower case characters are treated as equal to their corresponding upper case character. If a new student name is typed, MA will give you the option to enter the new name into its student list, or exit from the program.

An existing student can be deleted using the D option:

                MA/D    student_name

If the name is not registered, the request is rejected and MA exited. If registered, the student will be asked to confirm deletion before the name is removed from the active list, AND THE OPTIONS AND LOG FILES ARE DELETED. (DOS 5's UNDELETE command can restore them if they are mistakenly deleted).

MA assumes WPM inputs are single digits for 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 WPM. The X option changes all inputs to be two digits to permit speeds up to 99 WPM.


By Joe Speroni