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VIEW LAST SESSION Select:  R. Receiving game E. Endurance game P. Proficiency session M. Morse keyboard tutor L. Logging off D. Delete all log's Select previous session to be viewed or ESC to return to main menu

Figure 10. View Last Session Menu

Morse Academy remembers the text and statistics generated for the last (R)eceiving game, (E)durance, (P)roficiency, and (M)orse keyboard tutor sessions. The View menu allows the student to recall these previous sessions of computer generated code for review or printing.

Note that the total history log is cumulative and use over a long period will take up a lot of disk storage (even more critical for diskette only systems). Periodically you should use the File commands in the Option menu to copy the historical log to a diskette (for review by your instructor) and/or to clear it. If you know DOS commands you can do this directly by operating on the files LOG-.VW, where is R, E, P or M for the respective sessions.

The (L)ogging option allows the student to disable all logging, to select logging for the last session only, or to save each session in a cumulative log. Press "L" to cycle thru the three options.

The (D)elete option deletes ALL log history. Prior to executing this command Morse Academy will ask for confirmation of the command. Press ENTER to delete the log's, or ESC to cancel the command.

You can press the F10 key at any time to print the screen contents and save it for later review.

Pressing ESC at any time will cause Morse Academy to return to the main menu.

By Joe Speroni