Learning Menu

Use cursor keys (up arrow or dn arrow) and INS/DEL to select and unselect characters Hold INS/DEL key and use the cursor keys to select a block of characters ARRL Standard Character Set 1 A 17 M 33 SK [+] 2 E 18 P 34 1 3 R 19 G 35 2 4 N 20 F 36 3 5 AR [*] 21 , 37 4 6 T <Ins 22 W 38 5 7 I 23 B 39 6 8 O 24 BT [=] 40 7 9 S 25 J 41 8 10 D 26 / 42 9 11 H 27 K 43 0 12 C 28 Q 13 U 29 X 14 Y 30 V 15 . 31 Z 16 L 32 ? L. Lesson number 1 C. Character speed 18 WPM Select options, ENTER to activate keyboard, or ESC to return to main menu

Figure 2. Learning Menu

This menu allows students to chose the characters they wish to learn. This can be done by typing the letter L followed by the lesson numbers to be learned (type the same number twice to select only one lesson). You can also include or exclude characters by using the INSERT or DELETE keys and moving the blinking cursor using the DOWN or UP cursor control keys. Characters selected have their two digit numeric sequence number shown in reverse video.

The character set and their order can be modified using Selection and Edit commands in the main menu (O)ption selections.

The (C)haracter speed key sets the average speed characters are sent. Morse Academy is set to send at a relatively fast character speed. The default character speed of 18 WPM is a good choice for students aiming for a code speed of 13 WPM. This may seem fast, but learning the individual characters at this rate with pauses between them makes it easier to progress. At faster average sending rates the character speed remains the same but the pauses between them shortens.

The ENTER key activates the keyboard and allows a student to associate a single keyboard key with the Morse code sound for it. Students can use this as another way to become familiar with characters as they are added to the practice sessions.

The Learning menu is the only one that controls the number of characters being learned. This selection applies to all sessions.

Quick keys can be used to select frequently used subsets, e.g. the alphabet, numbers, prosigns, etc. These keys are (E)rase all selections, (A)lphabet, (N)umbers, (P)unctuation, and (S) for pro(S)igns.

The ESC key can be pressed while in the keyboard activate mode (started with the ENTER key) to return to the Learning menu and a second time to return to the main menu.

By Joe Speroni