Generation Session

Current generation parameter values Exam class Novice General Extra Element No. 1A 1B 1C File Prefix 92-1A- 92-1B- 92-1C- First test 01 01 01 Last test 20 20 20 Select: 1. Group 1 default file element names (5 tests of each type) 2. Group 2 default file class names (10 tests of each type) 3. Group 3 default file year-element names (15 tests of each type) C. Clear all file name and test number selections E. Edit file names and test numbers (screen parameters only) P. Print all tests and keys (1 copy of each) S. Select one test for printing Press ENTER to start test generation, or ESC to return to main menu

Figure 8. Generation menu

This session is used to generate files in the form of an QSO similar to the actual required FCC test. Three separate files are produced for each test generated: (1) a .KB file for direct use by the (P)roficiency or (K)eyboard sessions to send a test, (2) an ASCII .TST file for the written fill-in-the- blanks examination, and (3) an ASCII .KEY file for the key to be used in grading the examination. The ASCII files can be printed using this session or directly using DOS commands.

To simplify test generation three default groups are provided to generate tests with canned file names and numbers. Type 1, 2 or 3 to select the

Group Novice General Extra
1 1A-01 thru 1A-15 1B-01 thru 1B-15 1C-01 thru 1C-15
3 92-1A-01 thru 92-1A-20 92-1B-01 thru 92-1B-20 92-1C-01 thru 92-1C-20

Pressing the (C)lear key cause all file names and numbers to be cleared.

The (E)dit key allows arbitrary file names and sequence numbers to be created for all classes of examinations. The cursor keys, the DELETE, and BACKSPACE key can be used for editing. The TAB or ENTER keys end editing for the current key. Pressing ESC terminates editing and adjusts the selections for a maximum name length of 8 characters (prefix plus number).

Pressing ENTER starts test generation. The process is rather complex and can take many seconds for each test. If the files names are the same as a previous generation, those tests will be overwritten and lost. DOS commands can be used to save those files and/or change their names. Generation can be terminated at any time by pressing ESC. The tests already generated will be saved.

The (K)eyboard program has a delete command (F8) which allows DOS wildcard symbols * and ?. Groups of tests can be deleted using these symbols, e.g. using the file name 1C* will delete all Extra class examinations (from default group 1); the file name 92-1C-1? will delete the files 92-1C-10 thru 92-1C-19 (from default group 3).

The (P)rint key causes all tests and keys to be printed. These are the ASCII text .TST and .KEY file extensions associated the .KB files. The .KB file is intended for use by Morse Academy to send the code and is not printed. These ASCII files can also be printed using the DOS PRINT command.

The (S)elect key allows the printing of a single test. After selection of the test to be printed, the operator can select the number of copies of the test and key to be printed.

By Joe Speroni