Endurance Trials

ENDURANCE TRIALS Select:  S. Starting speed 5 WPM F. Final maximum speed 8 WPM C. Character speed 18 WPM U. Use Fixed length groups W. Weighting Text G. Group length 1 AR * SK + BT = Select options, press ENTER to start trials or ESC to return to main menu

Figure 5. Endurance Trials Menu

Endurance trials send characters or words continuously until the student errors. The (S)tarting, (F)inal maximum speed, and (C)haracter speeds can be set before each session. The (U)se key selects the mode desired. Code is sent as continuous random characters, in random length groups of random characters, or as short English words. The (W)eight key selects the desired weighting. Use the ENTER key to start the session. A complete session is fourteen trials but it can be ended at any time by pressing ESC.

During a trial the number of characters received correctly is continuously displayed. At the end of a trial the characters sent just before an error are displayed, followed by a character in reverse video showing the expected correct one that caused the trial to stop. During an Endurance trial the reason for an error is often not the last character sent, but one of those preceding the error. A character that causes the student to pause and think can be the real reason for an error even if it is correctly copied. So much time passes trying to recall a problem character that even a simple one following will be missed. Examining the characters preceding the error will give the student information about the characters requiring more work.

The computer displays the incorrect response in reverse video in the last column (either the character input or the phrase TIMED OUT indicating a failure to respond within the time allowed.) The expected character is also shown in reverse video. By comparing the reverse video columns and examining preceding characters, the student can determine the reason for the error.

For every 20 correct inputs, Morse Academy increases the sending speed by 1 WPM up tp the (F)inal mamimum speed so the student is made to advance. This challenge helps develop skills. Don't be concerned with the mistakes made when using the Endurance session. Mistakes are a natural part of learning.

A candidate for an FCC Amateur Radio license can copy one minute of code without error as an alternative to passing a quiz on the contents of a Morse transmission (70% is required) . This game will help you perfect the skills to do that. To pass in this way a candidate would have to copy:

                      5 WPM    -    25 characters
                     13 WPM    -    65 characters
                     20 wpm    -   100 characters

Prosigns, punctuation, and numbers count as two characters when you sit the real examination. You have an advantage when copying the English text of a QSO style examination. Before submitting your test paper, you can go over the text and correct obvious errors from context, e.g. TSE RIG to THE RIG; CLEVLAND, O5IO to CLEVELAND, OHIO.

By Joe Speroni