Appendix D - ADLIB Compatible Music Synthesizer Card Support

Morse Academy provides support for ADLIB compatible music synthesizer cards. The (C)hange command in the (T)one submenu of the (O)ptions menu allows selection a music synthesizer card.

The default I/O port address for ADLIB compatibles is 38xh. Morse Academy uses this value as the default port address. Some manufacturer's boards allow other port addresses so Morse Academy can set the address to other values. Addresses in the range 20xh-28xh and 30xh thru 3Fxh are permitted. This covers beyond the range required for music cards currently being marketed. For example the SoundBlaster Pro card allows jumper selection of only two other addresses 22xh or 24xh, in addition to the defacto ADLIB standard of 38x.

Morse Academy performs all necessary initialization of the music synthesizer card. No other software or device driver is needed. Any ADLIB compatible card is satisfactory to send good audio quality Morse code.

By Joe Speroni