Morse Academy is a Morse code teaching program incorporating Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) that is extremely useful in teaching the code. It is designed to help students who have no knowledge of the code or computers. Operation is simple with functions selected by a single key. Different sessions are provided to allow students to vary the way they learn the code. Testing is automated to allow the student to spend more time on learning, and less on the tedious task of checking the result of a session. Morse Academy includes:

         - on-line HELP for each session (F1 key)

         - option settings that can be saved on diskette or disk
           so they are not lost when power is turned off

         - the ability to edit and sequence the character set used
           in all sessions

         - the ability to generate random Novice, General, and Extra
           test sessions for practice

         - the ability to create, save, and reload text for replay
         - the ability for the student to input his copy via the keyboard
           during the Proficiency session and have it automatically
           compared with the generated text at the end of the session

         - the ability to save all computer generated text for later
           printing (F10 key)

         - the ability to select your own desired character weightings
           (frequency of occurrence of characters)

         - the saving of the history of mistakes from the last Receiving
           Game for optional use in computing character weighting

         - the optional ability to allow the Receiving Game to reorder
           the character set in worst-to-best sequence

         - the optional generation of Morse Prosigns in contexts that
           helps a student understand their meaning

         - the ability to adjust the code sending speed for the variances
           of different PC's

         - support for ADLIB compatible music synthesizer cards, the 
           Disney Sound Source Adapter, RS232 ports or an external tone 
           generator via the printer port

Morse Academy's features help a student learn the code. Some are designed for instructors accompanying the student thru the short odyssey to code proficiency. Computer feed back while learning Morse code helps a student, so it is relatively painless with Morse Academy. But it's still true that some hard work is needed to learn the code. Developing copying skills takes an effort by the student and the devotion of time to the process.

If you have suggestions to improve Morse Academy, my contact information is:

                       Joseph Speroni, AH0A/7J1AAA
                       4700 Akemama Road
                       Lawai, HI 96765-0900
                       Tel: 1-808-332-0000

By Joe Speroni