Morse Academy Overview

The Learning session introduces characters from the keyboard and via a flashcard mechanism relating sounds and character images. An interactive Receiving game provides the student with immediate feedback for characters sent and copied. MA is a DOS based program that operates well under Win95/98/ME. However DOS games are not fully supported by Microsoft in Windows 2000 and XP. Fortunately a program DOSBox fully emulates all the features required to use MA in these newer versions of Windows. For details on how to install and use MA under this emulator, see using MA under XP.

An Endurance session helps students extend skills by playing against the computer in an attempt to build the length of time they can copy correctly. The Proficiency session allows longer session copying of text either on the computer keyboard or with paper and pencil. Actual tests generated by MA can be used for practice. ASCII files of tests and keys for use by VE's (Volunteer Examiners) are produced for printing. The quality of these tests allows them to be used to administer examinations. The ARRL (American Radio Relay League) VEC (Volunteer Examiner Coordinator) uses Morse Academy as a tool for its VE groups to administer Morse Code testing.

MA supports sound output via the PC's sound chip, the Disney Sound Source, or an ADLIB/Sound Blaster compatible music card. There are also instructions on how to build your own sound card that operates from the printer port (useful for notebook portable operation). The quality of audio output from music cards is good enough to produce professional code test tapes.

MA now supports RS232 and parallel port keying, compatible with N3JT's interface designed for K1EA's CT (Contest Logging program).

MA supports family or group sign-on's so that students at different levels of skill can independently save their own settings and history logs.

There are many other features described in detail with on-line HELP (F1 key is used anytime during execution of the program) and in the 50-page manual included in the release. If you want to learn CW or just upgrade your skills, Morse Academy can help.

By Joe Speroni