Unnecessary records retained in the ULS files.

The ULS Database contains some 'stub cancellation' records that may no longer be required. In many cases the callsign has been reassigned, or the cancellation is more than two years old (past the grace period for expired licenses). Retention of the cancellation information beyond this period may be unnecessary. In time the retention of these records will lead to a significant increase in the size of the Amateur ULS database. (There are some related records in the HS table that have not been counted and could also be removed.) As a demonstration of the problem, note that the HD.DAT file has increased from 76.9 MB to 113.1 MB (about 47%), while the total number of Amateurs decreased by about 3% during the same period.

File space (in MBytes) that could be purged from the ULS database:

TableTo Be PurgedTotal Size

Click here for the list of all stub records (5,045 KB)

By Joe Speroni