Amateur Licensee Mailing Address Errors.

The FCC ULS Database contains records for amateur mailing addresses that do not have correct ZIP codes. There appear to be many reasons for these errors:

At any given time there are only about 2000 errors in the database so in the past we've ignored the errors and deleted the records when compiling statistics. The desire to be a little more accurate led us to make correction using Post Office Internet tools. The USPS has a simple tool to find the correct ZIP code for most addresses. It can be found at USPS ZIP Code Lookup

A complete list of current licensees that have "incorrect" ZIP codes can be found by clicking here. The table car be sorted in various orders and includes the suggested ZIP code corrections. Where the State code entered in the FCC records is also thought to be wrong the suggested correct State code is shown.

We take no responsibility for the correctness of suggested changes used to improve statistics for the ARRL Divisions and Sections.

By Joe Speroni