German Amateur Radio Statistics

The statistics listed in this site are taken from public data made available by the DARC DARC (Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club), at the end of each calendar year*. Care must be taken in comparing this data to "equivalent" U.S. FCC data. There are differences in the in regulations that make direct comparisons problematic. This information may be useful in projecting trends in the Amateur Radio service in other countries planning similar license processes.

Please use this data carefully. Consider the following points:

  1. License data is for operator licenses, not stations.

    Data for separate station license by operator class licensee are not available, so we choose to report operator license data. Note that unlike Japan, which also has separate operator and station licenses, about 93% of German licnesed Amateur radio operators have station licenes, so this data is a good proxy for active operators.

  2. Club station data is excluded from these statistics.

    Data received show a small number of club stations - about 3% of the total number of stations. In line with data for other countries, club stations are not included in station statistics.

  3. Germany was one of the earliest countries to drop the Morse requirment for an Amateur license.

    Since 2003 there has been no Morse requirement for an amateur radio license.

Best 73 de Joe Speroni, AH0A/7J1AAA

*Special thanks to Joan-Carles Samaranch, EA3CIW and Jeerasak Pitiwatsakul, E20TCM who called attention to the available DARC data.

By Joe Speroni